With the end of conference registration only two weeks away, we want to make sure we have all of our volunteers lined up for NarraScope. Will you be one of the them?

What does a volunteer do?

Show up at MIT on the weekend of June 14-16 and help out!

We will have conference staff on-site to help with any potential problems. However, we will still need about 10-15 people to run the registration desk, direct people to the different areas, and generally be available for any questions.

Volunteers will be asked to sign up for at least one of six three-hour slots for the weekend. We'll sort out more organization once volunteers have been selected.

Who can be a volunteer?

Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old and be registered by the conference. Initial volunteers will be selected from the pool of those who submit their names; we'll select additional backups depending on the number of submissions.

What do volunteers get?

Those that are selected as volunteers get into NarraScope for free, including lunch on both days! We'll give volunteers a discount code for free registration. For those who have already registered for the conference, a refund will be worked out.

Ready to sign up?

Fill out this form to volunteer for NarraScope 2019.