The registration page for NarraScope 2020 is now open. It works pretty much the same as it did last year. Here are the highlights:

The event is limited to 500 attendees. The venue rooms only hold so many people.

This year, registration stays open until May 22. That’s just a week before the conference starts. However, the standard membership price will be lower through March 31st. Register early!

No at-the-door registration.

We want NarraScope to be accessible to everyone interested in narrative games, regardless of their background. Therefore, we have several classes of ticket available.

  • The standard membership costs $85. (Just $70 through March 31st!) This gives you access to the entire conference; it also includes lunch Saturday and Sunday.

  • If you can’t justify the cost of the standard membership, we also have a restricted-budget membership for $35. This gives you access to the entire conference, including lunch Saturday and Sunday. That is, it’s exactly the same as a standard membership — it just costs less.

  • To counterbalance this, we offer a community supporter membership for $135. This is, again, exactly the same as a standard membership — it just costs more. The extra money goes to support one restricted-budget membership.

  • Current UI students may register for free. Our thanks to UI for giving us affordable function space on campus! The UI student membership gives access to the entire conference, but does not include lunch. Sorry about that.

  • If you are a confirmed speaker or panelist, we will email you a complimentary registration code. Watch your inbox.

By the way, the restricted-budget and community-supporter memberships are entirely on the honor system. Pay what you can afford. We hope and expect that it will all balance out in the end.

By the way, we’re still finalizing hotel rate information. Watch this space for more information.