We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker! Xalavier Nelson Jr. will kick off NarraScope in May.

Xalavier Nelson Jr. is an IGF-nominated game developer, writer, ex-PC Gamer columnist, IntroComp organizer, and MCV Rising Star. You might know him from his work on Hypnospace Outlaw, SkateBIRD, Can Androids Pray, or a dozen other things. His studio, Strange Scaffold, is currently making An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, a game about petting stock photo dogs with an unlimited number of hands, navigating a universe of strange canine airports, and maintaining relationships from afar.

Xalavier will give a very normal and encouraging keynote. (...Checks notes...) Xalavier will give a talk entitled “A Very Normal and Encouraging Keynote.” We look forward to hearing it!

More good news:

Registration for NarraScope 2020 will be open this coming Monday, February 10th. Watch the web site for the link, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord for the announcement!

(If you are a confirmed speaker or panelist, you will receive a complimentary registration code. Check your email on Monday. If we have accepted your talk but you haven't confirmed yet, please let us know! The deadline to accept or withdraw is the end of February.)