The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation education committee is pleased to announce that in addition to the education-centered programming that will take place the Friday before NarraScope begins, there will also be a day of online workshops on Saturday, June 8.

These workshops will help kick off a game jam that will run from the 8th til NarraScope itself. Jam participants will have a chance to showcase their work at NarraScope later in June.

A list of workshops occurring on the 8th is on the schedule page.

To register for the June 8th workshops, please use this Google form.

These workshops do not have an additional cost associated with them, but they are only open to NarraScope registrants (either online or in-person).

If you're interested in participating in the game jam, please join the NarraScope Discord. Announcements related to it will be made there.

Finally, stay tuned for more news around Friday programming! We'll share more soon.