A few updates:

Last year we had online workshops Friday afternoon and in-person workshops Friday evening. This year, the schedule has worked out differently: all our workshops will be online. The first set will be Saturday, June 8th; the second set will be the Friday afternoon of NarraScope (June 21st).

All the workshops are now listed on the schedule page.

But if you're attending in person, what's to do on Friday evening?

You can pick up your badge, for a start. The check-in desk will be open from 5pm to 8pm on Friday the 21st.

After that: we're going to hold a set of "birds of a feather" discussions in the conference space. This is code for "educators sit down to talk about education, narrative designers sit down to talk about narrative design, ..." Join in whichever one you like! We'll just put a sign on each table and let people sort themselves out. 

But what topics will there be? Good question! Suggest some using this form.

The most popular six or eight topics will be set up with table signs around the social space. (Of course, if you just strike up a conversation about whatever you want, nobody's going to stop you.)

More news soon!