COVID Policy

  • If you are attending NarraScope in person, we strongly recommend that you be fully vaccinated. (You are up to date if your last dose was September 2023 or later.)
  • All attendees must wear masks while in NarraScope event spaces, except while actively eating or presenting a talk.
  • Masking rules will apply regardless of community transmission level.
  • If you feel sick or get a positive test result, stay away. We will refund attendance fees for anyone who is unable to attend.

Please remember that some people are able to attend because we have strict mask rules. If you don’t bother with your mask once you show up, they will have to leave. Don’t be a jerk about it. Thanks.

Note that The Strong Museum will be open to the public during NarraScope weekend. The Strong does not enforce mask rules in public museum spaces, so we will not try to either. Please use your own best judgement.