NarraScope 2023 took place at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittburgh, PA.

The conference was at the William Pitt Union building (3959 Fifth Ave).

See here for travel and lodging options.

You'll enter WPU from the northwest side (facing Fifth Avenue). The sign-in desk will be set up right inside that entrance.

The main event room, for opening ceremonies and the keynote, is the Ballroom. Go around to the right past the information desk.

Talks will be in the Ballroom, the Lower Lounge (Family Lounge), and room 548 (on the fifth floor). The Demo Room is room 630. (Sorry to split everything across several floors!)

To get to the Lower Lounge (Family Lounge), go left from the sign-in desk, through the Jazz Hall, and look for the veranda room facing the street.

To get to room 548, take the elevator up to the fifth floor; then go right all the way to the end of the twisty hallway.

To get to room 630, take the elevator up to the sixth floor, go through room 617 (it's open) and look for 630.