We're sorry to announce that there won't be a NarraScope conference this year. (Online or in-person.)

You might already have guessed, since we haven't posted a call for talks. Usually we have that up by the end of November.

The fact is, NarraScope 2020 was a lot more work than we expected, and we all wound up running ourselves pretty ragged. And then the world hasn't exactly been an oasis of healing peace, either, for these last few months.

So we are taking a year off. Time to take a slow breath, and then a lot more slow breaths, and recharge. We'll check back in the fall and we'll see what 2022 looks like. Who knows, maybe live conferences will be possible again...

There's another factor, too. One of the conclusions after NarraScope 2020 was that the organizing group needs to be larger and more diverse. That doesn't just mean the NarraScope committee; it means all of IFTF.

You may have seen the recent plan for expanding the Board of Directors. That process has been churning in the background since June, and it will continue through 2021. We expect that more voices on the Board means more voices, and more hands, when we re-convene the NarraScope committee for 2022. Which should make things both better and less exhausting for everybody.

So that's where we are. We're not disappearing; we're taking a break. And hey, maybe we'll run some kind of event in 2021. Scheduled chats on the Discord? A game jam? Zoom singalongs? We'll have to see.

Thanks, everybody, for supporting NarraScope these past two years -- and in the future.