With the conference just a few weeks away, we'd like to drop you some updates and ask a few questions to help us make this the best NarraScope since the last NarraScope.

Accessibility at NarraScope

We've received feedback from a few attendees about potential snags concerning accessibility at the conference as a result of the Gather platform. We've taken steps to try and help address and mitigate the platform's shortcomings, and have outlined the specifics here. We're continuing to listen and consider additional ideas and suggestions, but this should hopefully address several of the red flags that folks have encountered. If you need any special accommodation, please let the committee know in advance of the event and we will work to take appropriate action.

Volunteering at NarraScope

Would you like to help the conference committee ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible? We are now looking for volunteers! If this might be you, please send an email to narrascope@narrascope.org. There is also some additional information about tasks you may be asked to help with in the afore-mentioned blog post.

Workshops and Bootcamps

We are happy to announce that the pre-conference workshops and bootcamps will be returning! A schedule for these is now available on the NarraScope website. To sign up, simply go to the registration page, hit Tickets, and choose the sessions you wish to attend as free add-ons to your order. Please note that some workshops have limited capacity, so if there's one you are especially interested act sooner rather than later.

Games Showcase

If you signed up to showcase a game at NarraScope, we ask that you please fill out this form describing your specific needs before July 14 so we can make sure your booth is prepared for you. We will be working hard (within the limitations of the platform) to get every booth spick and span!

Code of Conduct Updated

The Code of Conduct for attending NarraScope has been updated this year. We encourage all participants to (re-)acquaint themselves with our expectations here. We'd like to especially thank D. Squinkifer for serving both as a consultant in the writing of the updated CoC as well as leading this year's Incident Response Committee.

We're looking forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks! It's sooner than it seems!

-The NarraScope Committee