Here we are, two months out from the first in-person NarraScope since, well, the first one.

As we said at the beginning, all of NarraScope’s talks will be streamed live and will remain viewable after the conference. We don’t want to disappoint our remote participants.

But -- we also don’t want to downplay the fun of attending live! The best part of NarraScope is everybody who attends. This is where our crowd gets together, chats, swaps ideas, and gets invigorated about narrative game design. We like to think we offer the best lobby experience of any game-design conference.

Yes, we will offer online conversations as well on the NarraScope Discord. But online conversations are what you have the other 363 days a year! NarraScope weekend is your chance for face-to-face time.

As a reminder, the deadline for conference registration is May 26th. The deadline for hotel reservations (at the con rate) is May 11th. That’s a just a month away!

As a teaser, here’s some titles of talks upcoming at this year’s NarraScope:

  • How the West Was Many: Crafting a Culturally Diverse Western Adventure with Rosewater - Jess Haskins
  • Spontaneously Inspired: How Dadaism May Energize Narrative Design - Alejandro Ruiz del Sol
  • On Goncharov (1973): Fact and (Interactive) Fiction - Autumn Chen

See the schedule page for more.

Want to support NarraScope financially?

The standard in-person membership cost covers our costs: venue space, catered lunch, and so on. But you can give more! Part of those donations will support the costs of attendees who need budgetary help. Beyond that, a small percentage of donations goes to support IFTF as a whole. The remainder -- 80% of donations over costs -- goes directly to conference speakers, to thank them for supporting NarraScope.

We have several paths to donate! If you’re registering, you can select “Community Support” (for in-person attendees) or “Online Membership With Donation.” Or you can donate directly with the PayPal button on our sponsorship page.

Are you a company or other institution interested in supporting NarraScope? Contact us (! We will thank sponsors at the conference opening and closing sessions. We can also stuff the swag bags of on-site attendees. Just saying.