Assorted news:

The CDC has updated its COVID vaccine guidelines. Nothing much has changed if you’re already up to date. (“Up to date” means you’ve gotten the bivalent booster.) However, if you’re over 65 or are immunocompromised, you are eligible for a second bivalent booster. Booster effectiveness is known to decrease over time, so you might consider topping up before the conference if you’re eligible.

Are you looking forward to Colin Post’s talk “Cataloging Narrative Games to Expand the Bibliographic Universe”? If so, you’ll be interested in these followup sessions (online):

Please join us for an open forum on the issues and challenges of collecting narrative games in libraries! We will be holding two listening and discussion sessions held virtually on Wednesday July 12 from 7-9pm ET and Tuesday July 18 from 12-2pm ET to garner perspectives on issues critical to licensing digital games for library collections. All independent game creators are encouraged to participate.

For more info, see this forum post.

Reminder: the deadline for conference registration is May 26th. The deadline for hotel reservations (at the con rate) is May 11th. That’s less than a month away!

As a teaser, here’s some more titles of talks upcoming at this year’s NarraScope:

  • When Theater Is A Game – David Kuelz
  • Gorogoa: O’ Sensemaking Machine – Joey Centofanti
  • Narrative-Based Games for Sexual Health – KB

See the schedule page for more.