We've posted the schedule for Friday workshops!

Please note that there are two groups of workshops this year. Friday afternoon (US Eastern time) will be a sequence of online workshops:

  • Beginning with ink: knots, stitches, diverts, conditions and choices – Ian Greener
  • Branching Stories: Twisting Little Passages with Twine – Katryna Starks
  • Inform and the Writing Process – Brendan Desilets
  • Something Somewhere Some of the Time: A Live Collaborative Twine Jam – Damon L. Wakes

Friday evening, we'll have three tracks of in-person workshops:

  • Collaborative Curation of IF Teaching Resources: Introducing the EdCom-IFWiki Project – Judith Pintar
  • Shop Talk (IF Educators Talking About Teaching IF) – Chris Klimas, Judith Pintar
  • Introduction to Tracery: Make an Art Bot! – Joey Jones
  • Crafting Interactive Stories With ChoiceScript – Joey Jones
  • Building Approachable, Actionable Games to Tackle Ecological Issues – Beatrice Maggipinto
  • From Spreadsheet to Playable (High-Tension) Larp in 90 Minutes – Avonelle Wing

Please see the schedule page for the full details.

The workshop registration link is on our site. Please select the specific workshops that you're interested in. Registration for all workshops is free, but the in-person workshops are limited to in-person NarraScope attendees. So if you want in, remember to register for the conference first.

Speaking of registration, we've also posted a signup link for our demo room! This is an open space for people to show off in-progress or released narrative projects. (Bring your own laptop.) The demo room will be open all day Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking of registration... again... remember that our hotel blocks are only available until Thursday, May 11th. That's next week! Conference registration closes on Friday, May 26th.

(Workshop and demo room registration will stay open longer.)

It's getting closer! We're looking forward to seeing everyone.