Registration for NarraScope is now open!

Here's more info on the event venue, travel, and hotels. Also our COVID policy, which is pretty much the same as last year.

A couple of things:

First, we are charging for online registration this year. That's just how the finances work for our hybrid format. We tried free registration for online attendees last year, and we ran into budget problems. This plan should work better.

As always, we have lower-priced registration for people who need it. On the other hand, if you want to support NarraScope more, we also offer higher-priced registrations! Or you can donate directly via Paypal.

(Donations will first go to cover venue costs and other NarraScope event expenses. Of the net revenue above that point, 20% will go to general IFTF support. The other 80% of net revenue will be distributed as honoraria for our NarraScope speakers.)

Second, hotel space is going to tighter this year. It turns out that NarraScope is up against the Rochester International Jazz Festival.

This is good news and bad news! The good news is that there will be jazz events all over the city, many on outdoor stages or other free venues. You may want to extend your stay, or just spend your evenings wandering downtown Rochester and taking in the music.

The bad news is that the hotels are going to be stuffed. We've reserved the best prices we could, but they're higher than we had hoped.

Because of this, we wanted to get registration open a bit earlier than usual. If you plan to attend in person, you'll want to make your reservations early.

You'll notice that the full conference schedule isn't posted yet. Usually we hold off opening registration until that's done -- this year it's not quite there. But we've listed a sample of the confirmed talks as a teaser. We'll be adding to that list in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on it!