We are excited and delighted to announce our keynote speaker this year will be Nat Clayton! Nat is a long-time game designer and former journalist, most recently known for the level design on Inkle's A Highland Song.

We look forward to letting Nat bring us into the NarraScope conversation for 2024!

While we've got the microphone, a few other announcements:

NarraScope's registration prices will increase on May 3rd. We haven't done this in previous years, but we're giving it a try. In-person registration will go up to $135; online registration will go to $40.

If I'd planned ahead, the current prices ($95/$25) would have been billed as "early bird", but oh well. After May 3rd you'll have to pay late-bird prices, I guess. So register soon, before that bird flies!

(Community-support registrations will increase proportionally. But the limited-budget prices will remain the same, because they're for people who need them. Enough said.)

Just like last year, we are running a fundraiser to keep NarraScope affordable and sustainable. (The Strong is more expensive than our university venue of last year.) We're hoping to bring in $10000 in donations this year from individual donors, and more from institutions.

You can donate directly on the sponsorship page. Community-support registrations for NarraScope count too -- all payments above the base cost will be counted towards the fundraiser goal.

If you want to donate as an organization or company, please contact us! Institutional sponsors will be listed on our web page and pocket program, and thanked by name during the conference program. You can also give us flyers and stuff to be handed out to on-site attendees. That's always fun.